Graduate School Advising

Graduate study can take many forms, and one of the first places to turn to for advice can be your academic major department. Dean Friedman in the Dean of Studies Office can also speak with you about choosing the right path, and give some general advice, including information on application procedures, deadlines, the need for GRE's, etc. If you are unsure about the kind of postgraduate training you might need for a particular career, make an appointment to see a counselor in the Office of Career Development.

Some graduate programs may require the GRE examinations; we recommend aking those by November 1 of the academic year in which you will apply. The December GRE date is possible, but it comes close to the time of final exams and the due dates for papers. (Visit for further details.)

The Dean of Studies Office can give students support throughout their process of considering pre-professional academic graduate programs, such as law school, business school, or the pre-health professional schools, including medical school. Make an appointment with our Pre-Professional Academic Adviser to discuss these pathways to the professions.

Students interested in the Combined Plan Program with Columbia's Fu School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) should also make an appointment with the Pre-Professional Academic Adviser, or the Dean of Studies.