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Accommodations - Religious Observances

SGA recognizes that the Elections coincide with the Passover holiday and Good Friday, and we are prepared to make every effort to accommodate all needs, religious or otherwise, including but not limited to the following:


I. Campaign Managers

Candidates are strongly encouraged to appoint a campaign manager to run their campaign, who are required to attend an information session. Candidates must email the Elections Commission and be approved to have a Campaign Manager by April 6 at 11am.  Candidates must notify the elections committee of their choice on the Intent to Run form.


II. Campaigning

A. Vocal and electronic campaigning will begin upon confirmation of candidacy on Wednesday, April 9, and print campaigning will begin the night of Thursday, April 10,  immediately following the Candidates Forum (where posters and fliers will be approved by the elections committee). This allows for a full weekend of flyering before Passover begins.

B. In the event that a candidate is going home earlier than Friday for the holiday and wants assistance flyering, or managing/updating something in an online forum,  the campaign manager will have the same access as the candidate would have.  

C. Should the candidate be home before the Candidate’s Forum on Thursday, April 10, they must send a copy of their speech to the Elections Commission by 6pm that day for a member of the Elections Commission to present on their behalf.


III. Voting

Voting on Ebear will open at 9am on Monday, April 14th, before Passover begins and will end on Friday, April 18th, at noon.