Web Tutorials

The Electronic Communications department provides monthly group training sessions for using and updating the Barnard website and academic department sites. In order to be given access to edit the Barnard website, staff must be trained by a member of the Electronic Communications team.

To request access, please go to barnard.edu/user and login with your gbear credentials.  Once you have done that, email ecomm@barnard.edu and we will get you set up with permissions and add you to the web editors email list. Notifications about monthly training sessions are emailed to the list regularly.

How to edit and create content documentation is available on this site. If, after exploring these tutorials, you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact ecomm@barnard.edu for more information.

CMS Basics

Friday, Oct. 16
10:30am - 12noon
18 Lehman

More upcoming trainings

CMS Basics
Friday, Nov. 20

Workshop - Content Strategy
Friday, Oct. 30

Workshop - Advanced WYSIWYG tools
Friday, Dec. 4

All at 10:30 - 12 noon in 18 Lehman

Other topics not currently scheduled:
Reorganizing a website
Search Engine Optimization