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General Forms

  1. Accommodation Form  An accommodation form must be given to the students and signed by ODS staff at the beginning of each semester, prior to students meeting with their professors to review their academic accommodations. Please schedule an appointment with the Director of Disability Services or Learning Disability Coordinator to review accommodations and receive accommodation forms.  
  2. Barnard Language Modification Request All students, including those with learning disabilities who anticipate difficulty in satisfying the Barnard language requirement, are expected to attempt elementary courses in language during their first year at Barnard. Students with diagnosed learning disabilities who experience severe problems in language learning may choose to submit a petition to the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing for a possible modification of the requirement. Students should discuss their specific situations with their advisers and the staff of ODS and then meet with their class dean. 
  3. Disability Documentation Guidelines and Model Template All students who register with the Barnard Office of Disability Services (ODS) are required to provide appropriate and timely disability-related documentation. Students with all other disability diagnoses (mobility, visual and hearing impairments; chronic medical conditions; psychiatric disabilities; and substance abuse/recovery) must provide documentation which responds to the seven elements listed below. 
  4. Documentation of a Learning Disability All students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations or services through the Office of Disability Services (ODS) are required to provide appropriate disability certification. The guidelines below describe the necessary components of acceptable documentation for students with learning disabilities/ADD. Students are encouraged to provide their clinicians with a copy of these guidelines. 
  5. ODS Referrals List for LD/ADD Testing  The Office of Disability Services provides a listing of recommended evaluation centers in the NYC area.  Testing is available in both private and clinical settings.
  6. ODS Disability Housing Accommodation Request  Disability Services works closely with Residential Life & Housing to respond to the individual needs of Barnard students with disabilities who wish to reside in on-campus housing. Students must follow the attached procedures and provide all of the required information & documentation in order to be considered for disability housing accommodations. 
  7. Service and Support Animal Policy  Barnard College has established the following policy regarding Service Animals and Support Animals, to assist individuals with disabilities. The College will reasonably accommodate persons with disabilities who require the assistance of Service or Support Animals, as appropriate. Each request will be evaluated on a case‐by‐case basis, considering the needs of the individual and the concerns of the College community.