Ricoh Multi-Function Printers

To get help with your Ricoh printer or copier, please try the solutions in this order:

  1. Look for an answer here first — the Ricoh Printers section of the Print Services web site.
  2. For technical support and help using the features of your printer/copier, call the 24/7 Ricoh Help Desk at 800-333-2679.
  3. Call Print Services at 212-854-2087 or email Print Services with your question. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

All faculty and staff have access to Ricoh multi-function printers (mfp’s) located in all Barnard academic and administrative buildings. Every Ricoh mfp can be used to copy, print, and scan-to-email. Some can copy and print in color and some can be used to send outgoing faxes. (See list.) In almost all cases, the departmental user code (or access code) is required to use any of these functions. 
Most faculty and staff can use almost any Ricoh mfp on campus, not just the one located in or near their department. If your code is not accepted on a particular machine that you want to use, please contact Print Services.