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**SGA Elections, Spring 2014**

Thank you to all our candidates and everyone who voted! Congratulations on successful, innovative, and productive campaigns.

Meet your officers of the 2014-2015 Barnard College Student Government Association:

SGA President
Julia Qian | jq2210@barnard.edu

VP for Student Government
Sarah Shuster | scs2173@barnard.edu

VP for Campus Life
Shivani Vikuntam | sv2399@barnard.edu

VP for Finance
Pascale Dugue | pjd2121@barnard.edu

VP for Communications
Emily Klein | esk2154@barnard.edu

University Senator
Erin Bryk | eb2799@barnard.edu

Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees
Alejandra Figueroa | af2672@barnard.edu

Representative for Campus Policy
Sienna Walker | sw2859@barnard.edu

**Representative for Diversity
A proposed amendment can change the position to Representative for Equity and Inclusion for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Mei Suet (Michelle) Loo | ml3414@barnard.edu

Representative for Student Services
Elisabeth Stam | ejs2188@barnard.edu

Representative for Arts and Culture
Emily Shoyer | ers2193@barnard.edu

Representative for College Relations
Margaux Charmey | mmc2231@barnard.edu

Senior Class President
Layla Tavangar | lmt2162@barnard.edu

Senior Class VP
Riya Thekdi | rht2111@barnard.edu

Junior Class President
Deanna Arpi Youssoufian | day2120@barnard.edu

Sophomore Class President
Rumana Kasime | rak2157@barnard.edu

Sophomore Class VP
Shravya Reddy | skr2144@barnard.edu


Review proposed constitutional amendments here. All proposed constitional amendments passed by student body vote. 


Note: Applications for committee members and class council positions are now available - find them at http://barnard.edu/sga/getinvolved



If you have any questions or want to find out more, do not hesitate to email us at sgaelections@barnard.edu

2014 Elections Commission: 
Maddy Popkin (map2238)
Kally Kyriakides (kak2178)
Ayelet Pearl (adp2137) 
Ashiana Jivraj (aj2461)