Before Connecting

You must complete the Mandatory Computer Setup before connecting your computer to the internet.


Connecting to Wireless 

To connect to Barnard's wireless networks, follow the instructions on the BCIT Internet page.


Connection by Residence Hall

Location Type of Connection
Sulzberger, Brooks, Hewitt, Reid, Elliott, 600, 616, 620, Plimpton

Connect via secure wireless. Though these dorms also have access to the "Barnard Guest" network, it is not secure and is limited to web browsing. Thus, we recommend that you use the secure wireless network, "Barnard Secure." In these residence halls, ethernet jacks in student rooms are no longer supported, and thus will not be repaired. Wireless routers are not allowed in these dorms.

110, Cathedral Gardens
Connect via modem (if you are in a single) or Linksys router (if you have a roommate). Please read the setup and troubleshooting information carefully. This information is also provided on handouts, which were left in suites at the start of the semester and are available in the Student Computing Center (Diana 307). Wireless routers are only allowed if you submit a Network Device Approval Form. Note: wireless routers are allowed only in these two dorms.