First Generation Low Income Initiatives

The First Generation Low Income Initiatives (FGLI) at Barnard are committed to providing resources and support through the ASEP Office to all students who identify with the first generation and or low income college experience. Our goal in executing the FGLI initiatives is for students to use our office resources, to find the support and enrichment they need to achieve academic success and discover their own capabilities in accordance with the College’s mission statement.

FGLI Initiatives:

  • Peer Academic Leader (PAL)
  • Textbook support
  • Academically related travel support
  • Monthly workshops
  • Social Events
  • FGLI Student Advisory Board
  • Faculty Networks

    "You are incomparable and extraordinary, gifted with your own blend of bold and beautiful, your own challenges, your own struggles, and your own triumphs."  
    Maria S. Rivera Maulucci
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