Students interested in sustainability have the opportunity to incorporate Barnard's green efforts into their education. The environmental science department offers courses that examine the science and policy behind sustainable development. Students taking Introduction to Environmental Science get to partake in Professor Peter Bower's award-winning Brownfield Action curriculum! Barnard students should also take a look offered by Columbia's environmental science department.


New York City is home to hundreds of organizations that do work encompassed by sustainable development. Internships provide students with the opportunity to learn about sustainability outside the classroom. To find out more about employment opportunities with organizations working on sustainable initiatives, students should contact Barnard's Office of Career Development, located on the second floor of Elliott Hall. Students can access the Office of Career Development's Career Resources to look for environmental careers, as well as the Barnard Career Library to find more resources about green jobs.

The Earth Institute at Columbia University is also an excellent resource for students and alumnae interested in green careers and internships. The Earth Institute distributes a mailing list about green jobs and internships and organizes an annual All Ivy Environmental and Sustainable Development Career Fair to provide representatives from public agencies, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations and business and industry an opportunity to connect with top undergraduate and graduate students.


Student Reports

Liquid Waste

This student report discusses water sources and consumption, sewer overflow, gray water, greenroofs, financial implications and more themes surrounding liquid waste management at Barnard.


Waste Management

In Fall 2010, Barnard's Waste Management class led by Environmental Science Professor Peter Bower challenged the students in his Waste Management class to investigate Barnard's waste management systems. After completing their research, students made recommendations on how Barnard could improve their sustainable initiatives. This student report discusses bulk waste, recycling policy, food waste, composting, and more topics covering solid waste management at Barnard College.


Barnard students Amanda Rook '08 and Alison Powell '09 worked with professor Jason Smerdon to produce the Initial Barnard Sustainability Report. The report was commissioned in the summer of 2006 by Stephanie Pfirman and Martin Stute, co-chairs of the Barnard Environmental Science Department.