Growing Greener

Barnard's commitment to sustainability is a commitment to a better, greener future: not only for the Barnard community and Morningside Heights, but for a more environmentally and socially responsible planet. By making sustainability a priority we are doing our part to reduce global warming.

The Diana Center

Barnard is always on the lookout for the next step we can take to be a more sustainable institution, so when we were faced with planning and constructing the Diana Center, it was important to take the green approach. From plumbing and mechanical systems to structural materials, the Diana Center illustrates the College’s commitment to sound environmental practices. The building achieved its LEED Gold accreditation in Winter 2011.


The Mayor's Challenge

While Barnard's urban setting offers a set of location-specific challenges, our placement in New York City offers unique opportunities to live and learn more sustainably. As a leading academic institution, Barnard is partnering with other New York City organizations as part of Mayor Bloomberg's PlanNYC 2030 Challenge to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas footprint and improve the urban infrastructure and environment.


Con Edison Demand-Response Programs

During the summer months, Barnard is involved in a Con Edison Demand-Response program. One elevator is shut down in any building with 2 or more units. The Con Edison Demand-Response programs are designed to necessitate customers to reduce their energy use during times of peak energy usage as well as throughout the year.  The programs offer participants incentives and support, as well as the knowledge that they have significantly reduced their energy consumption.