After Barnard

Barnard students, as a matter of course, go on to achieve great things.

Our alumnae change the world. Students leave Barnard enriched by a deep love of learning and go on to start and lead corporations, make scientific discoveries, write critically-acclaimed novels, develop national policy, transform their families and communities, and more. In one shining example, Barnard boasts 11 MacArthur Fellows, placing us 14th on the list of all colleges and universities and 2nd among our liberal arts college peers.

The success of Barnard graduates can be attributed to exceptional potential, brains and boldness, and the individualized preparation they receive, both during their college years and after. From the moment arrive on campus students have access to Beyond Barnard, helping them to connect classroom experiences with co-curricular activities such as internships, research and field placements, creating a pathway for students to achieve their goals. Bringing together career development, graduate and professional school preparation, research and competitive fellowships, internships, and student employment – into one unified office and initiative, Beyond Barnard offers a seamless experience for students as they navigate the exceptional array of opportunities.

And Barnard’s network of 35,000 alumnae across the globe serves to mentor and inspire.

You never question a woman holding a position of leadership here. You learn 'this is how it is.' There's a normalcy given to a woman being successful.

— Elvita Dominique '03, Senior Project Manager at Children's Aid Society