Research & Scholarship

Barnard's unique teacher-scholar model means that students have unparalleled access to integrated study and research.

New doors are opened for Barnard students every day. More than 200 full-time distinguished faculty members, nearly all of whom hold a PhD or the highest appropriate degree, demonstrate the ties between teaching and scholarship, both in and out of the classroom. Prize-winning scholars and authors, editors of leading journals, policymakers, acclaimed artists, cutting-edge scientists, architects, commentators, and winners of top awards in nearly every field of endeavor—our faculty engages and collaborates with students in ways that are often otherwise unavailable until post-college years.

In other realms, our students pursue a global education through study, research, and travel abroad. They learn to excel, collaborate, and lead with The Athena Center for Leadership Studies. They promote inquiry and activism as part of the Barnard Center for Research on Women. And with myriad job and internship possibilities, and all that New York City has to offer, the opportunities for learning are endless.

Barnard’s faculty is totally dedicated to what we really have to do here, which is to inspire young women to be leaders in their fields through deep scholarship and close student-faculty interaction.

— Linda Bell, Provost