The Milstein Center

January 18, 2017

This week, you’ll start seeing the superstructure, or that part of the building that rises above the foundations, go up – first with the steel structure and then with concrete. By the end of April, the entire teaching and learning center will have taken shape.

A few fun facts about how much steel and concrete are being used in the building:                                    

  • The contractor will use 1,437 pieces of steel weighing more than 1,067 tons, or the equivalent of 164 African bush elephants.
  • Approximately 5,027 cubic yards of concrete will be used – that’s enough concrete to build a 5-foot-wide sidewalk from Barnard College to the Brooklyn Bridge and back.


December 20, 2016

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, we’ll all start reminiscing about our Legos, Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys as the TLC’s steel beams start crawling up the bright blue New York sky. Before that happens, though, let’s get a quick refresher course on what’s what with the new building.

  • The new 128,000-square-foot teaching and learning center – with a base of five floors and a tower of 11 floors – will top out at 192’-8”.  There’s a beautiful center stair case that connects the library, which has a double height ceiling between second and third floors.
  • There are two additional floors below L1 – these are named the cellar and LL1 (Lower Level 1). Note: you may have noticed we also have a LL1 in The Diana Center.  The cellar will house much of the mechanical components of the building, while LL1 will have several classrooms, the Digital Commons, Archives storage and the continuation of Barnard’s tunnel system (yes!! – the tunnel will reopen between Barnard Hall and Altschul Hall with connections to the Dianna Center).
  • The building will have two main entrances – one on the campus side adjacent to the lawn and the other on Claremont Avenue. On the campus side, you’ll enter the building through the main lobby which is on L1 and will overlook the newly-landscaped lawn.  The new lawn will be fully accessible from the main entrance at 117th Street through the stairs down from The Diana Center. The Claremont entrance – located just south of W. 119th Street – will be on LL1, one floor below the lobby.
December 7, 2016

This Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 10-11, the crawler crane that we’ll use to construct the building will arrive on campus. Crawler cranes – which are commonly used for construction projects in New York City – have lattice booms that move heavy loads safely along crawler tracks; they are flexible in use and are equipped with an anemometer, a device that measures wind in real time.

 If you love to take photos, head up to one of The Diana Center’s top floors, snap a few photos of the crane’s arrival and send your favorite shot to We’ll post some of them on @MillieBuilds Twitter.