The Milstein Center

December 6, 2016

As we move into the “hey, there’s a building going up” phase of construction, we have started a blog to provide you with more information and interesting facts on the building, profiles of the people involved in the project, and details on how it will enhance our Barnard community, facilitate collaboration and foster dialogue.

Among the topics we’ll highlight are:

  • Design details and info on the building’s spaces
  • Energy-saving and sustainability features
  • Fun facts, photos and graphics to help the building come to life, i.e., what is the weight of the steel being used in the building and how many African bush elephants would it take to be the comparable weight (see an upcoming blog post for that answer)?

It’s our goal to share a couple of short blog posts each week and you can help us by sending your questions and story ideas. Please email and let us know what you’d like @MillieBuilds to uncover for you!