Junior Faculty Research Talks

Beginning in Fall 2014, the FDD Dean’s office has organized regularly-scheduled talks by junior faculty members. Held in the evening and accompanied by a dinner, these talks give junior faculty the opportunity to share their research with the campus community, enhancing their visibility to senior faculty and promoting an inclusive and connected scholarly environment. The talks are held in the Judith Shapiro Faculty Dining Room from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The Provost sends invitations to all faculty a few weeks before each talk.


2015  2016:

Monday, October 5
Marisa Buzzeo (Chemistry), "From molecules to microorganisms: tracking electrons in biological systems"
Monday, December 7
Ellen Morris (Classics & Ancient Studies), "Island Theory and Desert 'Isles' on the Shores of Egypt's Great Sand Sea"
Monday, February 1
Michelle Smith (Political Science), title tba
Monday, April 4
Shayoni Mitra (Theater), title tba

2014 – 2015:

Monday, October 6
John Morrision (Philosophy), "Does Anyone Perceive a Lemon's True Color?"
Monday, December 1
Krista McGuire (Biology), "Microbes in the Anthropocene: Where Human Civilization Meets the Soil"
Monday, February 2
Joshua New (Psychology), "Spatial and Temporal Attention to Animate Objects" 
Monday, April 6
Najam Haider (Religion), "The Rebel or the Martyr: The Role of Rhetoric in Early Islamic Historical Writing"