Nine Ways of Knowing

This curriculum applies to students who entered before Fall 2016.

First-Year Foundations

The first-year foundation courses are called First-Year English and First-Year Seminar. These courses are deliberately kept small in order to focus on individual participation and on methods of research, analysis, and revision. They ensure that first-year students' reading, writing, and speaking skills develop in ways that will support their learning throughout their years at Barnard.

Nine Ways of Knowing

The Nine Ways of Knowing are areas that include and bridge the traditional disciplines of liberal arts and sciences. The requirements are as follows:

  • Ethics and Values
  • Social Analysis
  • Historical Studies
  • Cultures in Comparison
  • Laboratory Science
  • Quantitative and Deductive Reasoning
  • Language
  • Literature
  • The Visual and Performing Arts

The aims, student learning outcomes, and more information on each general education requirement are available in the Course Catalogue.

Please visit the Registrar's list of Current Courses Satifying General Education Requirements for more information.

For all previously approved GER courses, please visit Comprehensive List of Courses Satisfying General Education Requirements. Please note that when advising a student, an audit of general education requirements is available on myBarnard.