Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Administrators & Staff Paycheck Concerns  

(Effective December 1, 2016)

Barnard College is dedicated to ensuring that all employees receive the correct amount of payment for their work. This FAQ describes the existing protocol the College uses to confirm and resolve payroll check errors, and best practices employees and supervisors should follow in order to efficiently resolve questions or issues with a payroll check. When in doubt, please start with your supervisor who can advise on next steps in resolving your payroll issues.


Question: I don’t think my paycheck is correct (i.e.hours are missing, overtime/ARG is missing, heavy duty hours are missing, incorrect rate was used or advance pay was not received).  

Answer: Contact your supervisor and provide backup information regarding your questions.  If your supervisor agrees that your paycheck was incorrect, the following next steps are:

  • Supervisor will contact Payroll in writing

  • Payroll will research and confirm the error and process a correction, if needed.  


Question: I think my benefit deductions are miscalculated, or that my “403b/Pension” contribution is incorrect.

Answer: Contact the Office of Human Resources (HR) to make an appointment with Terryann Waldron, SR HR Manager, Benefits @ 212-854-7345 to discuss the issue.


Question: I have an issue with my paycheck (i.e. garnishment) and do not think it was properly applied.

Answer: Contact Payroll at


Question: I have general questions about my paycheck that are not covered above.

Answer: Contact your supervisor.  

The table below describes the approximate timetable for how confirmed errors in payroll checks will be resolved. While the Payroll Office will make every effort to meet the time frame outlined in this document, complex issues may require additional time. Also, external factors beyond the College’s control may affect the resolution of the issue, such as following the bank’s protocols to issue manual checks. In those cases, the administrator or staff member will be notified and provided with an estimated time for correction.  If an employee is overpaid, the College will notify the employee and recover the overpayment consistent with applicable laws and associated College procedures, which may be amended from time to time.

Error in Payroll Check
Time Frame for Correction
Regular Shift hours were not included in department’s payroll submission (excluding overtime, heavy duty or ARG). Employee will be paid by the next business day following confirmation by Payroll of non-payment.  
Overtime, heavy duty hours or additional regular hour (ARG) were not included in department’s payroll submission.   Employee will be paid with the next scheduled payroll cycle following confirmation by Payroll.
Benefit Corrections and adjustments. Employee’s paycheck will be corrected with the next scheduled payroll cycle following notification to Payroll by HR.  
Involuntary Deduction Corrections (i.e. taxes, etc.) Employee’s paycheck will be corrected with the next scheduled payroll cycle following confirmation by Payroll.
Garnishment or Court Order Corrections. Employee should contact the agency issuing the order.  Timetable dependent upon applicable agency’s actions.