Barnard College seeks to have a classification architecture that is transparent and provides clear guidance criteria for distinguishing jobs at different levels based on required skills, experience, behaviors, and competencies. Although not a perfect science, this framework will serve as a guide and help to align job expectations with the institution’s salary structure and employee performance/behavioral expectations.

The Classification Grid:

The Admin job classification applies to those positions that have been determined to be exempt from overtime requirements and perform duties consistent with the Fair Labor Standards rules for exemption. At Barnard, Admin positions range from ADM grade 4 to 12 and Executive classification. A standard workweek for an exempt position is 35hrs per week, however, exempt employees may work unlimited hours during a workweek without an expectation of overtime or compensatory time.

The following table illustrates the position grade, (left) with specific competencies expected for that grade (top).  Definitions and descriptions are as follows:

· Strategic Influence: The sphere of influence and the range and impact of actions (e.g., the benefit or harm to the institution, the gain or loss of resources, the goodwill created, etc.)

· Authority and Accountability: Responsibility or autonomy exercised in terms of guidance required, guidance given to fellow employees, and independence of action. Scope of duties and activities with consideration given to the degree of strategic and operational influence in College, department/functional area, and job

· Problem Solving and Decision Making: The types of problems encountered and decisions made, including the finality of these decisions and actions taken

· Knowledge, Skills, and Experience: Education, aptitude and qualifications needed by the employee in order to perform the assigned duties, including technical skills and knowledge specific to Barnard

Administrative Staff Classification Grid