I Am Thankful to Barnard For...

I’m a Senior and just started writing my thank-you notes to the people that have been influential in my experiences here. The thing is, the list is long and many of the things I would like to thank are just that, things, rather than individuals. I’m writing this blog post as a break from thank-you notes but I can’t get my gratefulness off my mind. Perhaps you prospective students out there, grasping for any knowledge about Barnard, would benefit from my endless feelings of appreciation to my experiences here and the people who have touched my life. So here it is:

I am thankful to BARNARD for…

1.      The McIntosh Activities Council and the community that it offers to this campus in general and its members in particular.

2.      The suitemates I was placed with in my first semester as a transfer who took me in to their tight-knit friend group with ease, for the questions they answered, and the examples they set.

3.      The Office of Career Development’s website, where I found all four of my internships—the last of which turned into a job.

4.      The personal conversation I had with Anna Quindlin.

5.      Dean Schneider’s understanding and kindness in my serious, second-semester-of-senior-year, academic crisis.

6.      Columbia for allowing me access to their classes.

7.      My Dutch professor and classmates for four semesters of fun.

8.      The job I had in Residential Life & Housing that allowed me to stay on campus one summer with free housing and meet four of my best friends.

9.      The Career Development Internship Grant Program that again allowed me to remain in New York City for another summer.

10.  The women in the Admissions Office and their mission to maintain while simultaneously expand the Barnard prototype—they make me exceedingly confident in the future of Barnard.

11.  The Student Life Office and the support they have offered me as a student leader (and those discount movie tickets).

12.  The alumnae who reassure me that my BC love will never diminish.

13.  Butler’s magnificence where I distracted myself for hours.

14.  The simplicity of Lehman Library where I could actually get work done.

15.  The Nine Ways of Knowing and how it forced me very, very far out of my comfort zone where I found my passion for writing and my career goals in publishing.

16.  New York City which has allowed me to have access to the best of everything in the world.

17.  The Barnard Bulletin which will never die; BWOG which kept me frighteningly up-to-date with CU gossip; CULPA which helped me academically just as much as any adviser. 

18.  Giving me the opportunity to grow as a woman because for once my gender wasn’t being emphasized.

19.   The women I attend school with. I work amongst you in awe.

There is no other college for me where this list could have been as extensive and honest. I am a far better person for ending the decision you are currently facing by saying Barnard. As a transfer, I know well that not every college can provide for each of its students but I found my home, my identity, and my happiness in my college. Whether it’s Barnard or not, I hope all of you reading this can have a list of thanks as great as mine upon your graduation day.