Welcome to the Barnard Beat!

Congratulations and Welcome to the Barnard Admissions Beat!


Now that your essay-writing, application-mailing, and letter-awaiting is past - you get to take your college decision process into your own hands, peruse your options, and decide which school really is the best fit for you.  There are so many puzzle pieces that go into a college-experience - classes, campus culture, residential life, life in the city, and more - now is your time to take a look and see what combination of parts best fits your own unique whole.  

Hearing from students, alumnae, and parents of current students is a great way to put the pieces together and imagine what your Barnard-experience will really be like:  that's where the Beat comes in. 

Here you will find blog-posts from first-year students whose first year experience is fresh in their minds; from seniors who can see how their four years at Barnard have changed them; from international students and students of color who can provide an inside scoop on campus culture; from alumnae who have gone on from Barnard to continued success; and even from parents who bear witness to their daughters' growth at Barnard.  

So take your time - read our blog, ask questions on our Facebook page, visit campus - we're here to help show you how Barnard fits.  

Hope to see you on campus soon!