The Greatest City in the World

Congratulations Barnard Prospective Class of 2015!

I suppose you were ecstatic or practiced Primal Scream (a tradition that all the Columbia kids do in final week) when you received your acceptance package just like I did last year. You have every reason to be proud of yourself!

My name is Ariel Yuan Yu, a rising sophomore of Barnard College, planning on majoring in Political Economics. Hailing from Shanghai China, I love exploring the equal or even more exciting city, New York and discovering new restaurants in the city. Besides my academic studies, I am a part of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority and CIRCA (Columbia International Relations Council Association).

I enjoyed basically everything here so far, from my first year foundations courses to extra curriculum. And when you matriculate at Barnard later this year, I venture to guess that you will enter the most important, life-changing period of your life.  Knowing you as perspective Class of 2015, I think that you will profit much from living in the greatest city in the world.  While you are there, be sure to take advantage of all that the Big Apple offers that should be a part of your education: movies, plays, museums, parks, concerts, operas, sports, etc.  Living in New York City is an education in itself.