A Hearty Congratulations!


First off, a hearty congratulations to those of you recently accepted into Barnard — revel in the feeling; it is truly a great one.  

Unlike the majority of you reading this—I was a late bloomer when it came to Barnard. I’m a transfer student from a tiny college in Maine. Two and a half semesters into college, I began to feel like absolutely everything was missing from my college experience. This realization came very late in October of my sophomore year. After about six weeks of conversation and debating with nearly everyone important and unimportant in my life, I cried mercy on that college experience and finally found the one and only college that could deliver for me.

People often ask me if transferring was a difficult process. The answer is no, not if you’re coming to Barnard. Within hours of my arrival on campus, Barnard embraced me. Advisers, professors, the administration, suitemates, and strangers fundamentally changed a college experience that up to that point was much less than spectacular. This isn’t because I was a transfer student. Rather it is because I made the wise, wise decision to become a member of the Barnard community.

Are you deciding whether or not to do the same? Are you deciding between Barnard and another all-women’s college? Or are you deciding between Barnard and something completely different—a co-ed college, or a large university, or a college in a rural area?

You are making a hard decision and while transferring isn’t as painful as you think, it certainly isn’t something I recommend. It’s best to get this type of thing right on the first try. I’m here to make the decisions as clear as it possibly can be. I’ll answer your specific questions or concerns about our residence halls, our sense of community, or our relationship to Columbia. I will also give you more, unsolicited information on all of those later.

But, for now, what I can promise to each of you, without knowing your individual situations is this: when or if you come to Barnard, you will be embraced just as I was. You will be celebrated as a woman, cultivated as a leader, and challenged as a human being. 

Come aboard ladies, this is an experience you do not want to miss out on.

By:  Hannah Dwan