The Barnard Woman

How students here achieve the extraordinary

The success of undergraduate women comes first at this college for women. Here, students live as part of a powerful sisterhood, with fellow students, faculty members, and alumnae providing encouragement, support, and lasting friendship. With this kind of environment, it’s not surprising that so many of our graduates go on to make a powerful impact on the world.


Why attending a women's college was the best decision I’ve ever made

Barnard student and Huffington Post columnist Sofia Lyons '17 discusses her decision to chose a women's college.



• Graduates of women’s colleges are twice as likely as women at co-ed institutions to go to medical school and earn doctoral degrees.
• Students at women’s colleges graduate in math and sciences at 1.5 times the rate of women at co-ed institutions.
• 63 percent of full-time Barnard faculty members are women, compared to 38 percent nationally.


Learning leadership

At Barnard, students learn—in theory, in practice, and from the role models around them—what it means to be a leader. Students discover their own approaches to leadership through the Athena Center for Leadership Studies. They engage in issues of gender, feminist scholarship, and women’s lives through the Barnard Center for Research on Women, as well as through classes, events, and student organizations.