Moving Image Collections

Motion Picture Films:

The moving image collection contains over 6,000 feet of 8mm, Super-8, and 16mm motion picture film dating from the 1920s through the 1980s. The collection includes documentaries chronicling the history and development of the College, footage of events held on campus, films shot and produced by alumnae, instructional sports shorts, and commercial features profiling notable figures associated with the College.

These films offer the viewer a rare glimpse into:


Campus life

Excerpt from Barnard Documentary, 1949 from Barnard College Archives on Vimeo.


Weekends spent up at Barnard Camp

Barnard Camp from Barnard College Archives on Vimeo.


Greek Games

Barnard College Greek Games, 1920s from Barnard College Archives on Vimeo.

The Archives gratefully acknowledges the Women's Film Preservation Fund.

Video Collection
The Archives holds an exponentially growing collection of magnetic and digital videotapes, DVDs, and digitally-born video of major campus events such as commencement ceremonies, inaugurations, and prominent lecture series, in addition to an assortment of Barnard-related documentaries and films.

Please email the Image Archivist for further information.