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Join Us! Protest 1968From LeClair to Low Library: Barnard's Spring of 1968

In spring 1968, Columbia’s campus seethed with student protest, mostly centered on the Vietnam war, but also on the university’s treatment of students and student opinion. At Barnard, that debate was realized most fully in the “LeClair Affair” over the college housing rules. This exhibit includes images before, during, and after the LeClair incident, charting some of the changes that the spring of 1968 wrought. It is the result of a collaboration between the Barnard College Archives and alumna Rona Wilk ‘91.


Two students working at their desks in a Brooks Hall apartment, c.1912. Barnard College  - The First Thirty Years

A series of images culled from the Photograph Collection presenting a view of student life at the turn of the century.



Millicent C. McIntosh, 1950Celebrating Millicent C. McIntosh, 1898-2001

This exhibition was on display in the lobby of Lehman Hall from June-November 2009.  Presented here are a few select items from the exhibit.


1883 Memorial ScrollThe 1883 Memorial Scroll

Discover details on the conservation of this 75-foot document.