Tips for Safe Clubbing

Everyone gets excited to finally escape the residence hall and have some fun. Here are some tips to ensure that you have a great evening and make it home safely!  

Rules of Drinking
Whether you enjoy beer, wine, a cocktail, or a mocha latte, here are some suggestions to make your evening more enjoyable.

Rule 1: If you are drinking alcohol, pace yourself! A good rule of thumb is to stick to one alcohol-containing drink per hour. Alternate an alcohol-containing beverage with an alcohol-free one.

Rule 2: Don't drink from a punch bowl -- you can never be sure what's in it!

Rule 3: Don't leave your drink unattended. Someone may put something in it! You should always be aware of "predatory drugs", substances that can be slipped into your drink without your knowing it. Rohypnol and GHB have been identified as “date rape drugs.”

Rule 4: Get your own drink and watch it being made. Don't accept one from anyone else!

If you suspect someone has put something in your drink, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Rule 5: One of the dangers of drinking too much alcohol is that you could put yourself at risk for Alcohol Poisoning. If someone is incoherent or passed out, there are indicators that you may be at risk:

  • cold clammy skin
  • looks bluish or pale
  • irregular breathing
  • vomiting when passed out
  • used other drugs with alcohol

While exhibiting one or all of these symptoms does not always indicate alcohol overdose, they do serve as clear signs that you should immediately seek help. If on campus, call Public Saftey, 88 (from a campus phone) or 854-3362.

Before you go out you should always discuss the plan for the night with your friends.

Things to talk about are:

  • Decide how much you are going to drink before you leave home.
  • What should I do if I see you drinking too much?
  • What happens if one of us wants to leave and the other doesn't?
  • What if one of us hooks up with someone?
  • What if I'm worried about you because your behavior is "weird"?