Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Welcome to the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program [CSTEP] at Barnard College.  Barnard College’s CSTEP provides services that increase recruitment, retention and placement of eligible students in CSTEP-targeted fields and the licensed professions.  The program targets the historically under-represented (African American, Latino, Native American and Alaskan Natives) or the financially disadvantaged Barnard student who intends to pursue or shows ability in the STEM fields, health-related fields and/or the licensed professions.

What we offer

  • Academic Development and Counseling
  • Free Personal or Small Group Tutoring
  • Academic Enrichment Workshops
  • Paid Internships and Research Opportunities
  • Summer Research Opportunities
  • Provide financial assistance for specialized preparation courses for standardized examinations (e.g. GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc).
  • Career Seminars, Speakers and Networking Opportunities
  • Conference Sponsorship [On and Off Campus]
  • Enriching Professional/Personal Development Activities [CSTEP Student Conference and Competition, ASEP Academic Showcase]