File storage

The College provides all faculty and staff members with personal space on a shared Windows-based file server ("the N:\ drive").  In addition to this private folder, departments have shared folders for common files accessible by all members of that department; and there are some additional, cross-departmental shared folders.  These locations are the best place for important files and BCIT encourages the use of them in preference to storing such items locally on your desktop.  (However, please be aware of the College's policy on use of the file server.)

When you log in to an office computer on campus with your Barnard account username and password, you should automatically see any folders you have access to listed under "Computer".  (The visibility on a Mac will differ somewhat, depending on the specifics of the particular computer and operating system.)  You can access the N:\ drive from off campus by using the WebVPN.

If you need access to a particular shared folder, or if you cannot view your shared folders, please contact the BCIT Service Desk.