Internet (Wired & Wireless)

Campus Wired Network

Every faculty and staff office on campus is wired for physical connectivity to Barnard’s network.  When BCIT installs a computer for you, the technicians will connect it to the network—you shouldn’t need to take any action.  If you have a problem with your wired Internet connection, please contact the BCIT Service Desk.

Campus Wireless Network

BCIT provides two wireless networks: Barnard Guest (for visitors on campus, including Columbia students and faculty), and Barnard Secure (for members of the Barnard community). Wireless service on both Barnard networks is available everywhere on campus, except for the residence halls at Cathedral Gardens and 601 W. 110th St.

The use of this system is subject to the policies and procedures of Barnard College.  

Violations of any policy or procedure may result in suspension of network access, disciplinary action, or other serious consequences or penalties.  All users are advised that, at any time and without prior notice, system support personnel may monitor any portion of the system for maintenance, unauthorized usage, and other purposes.

Barnard Guest

Visitors on campus (including Columbia students and faculty) may connect to the Barnard Guest wireless network.  The Barnard Guest wireless network does not require a username or password.

To connect to it, select “Barnard Guest” from your device’s list of networks.

Barnard Secure

Students, faculty, and administrators are encouraged to use the Barnard Secure wireless network.  Log into Barnard Secure with your Barnard account username and password (the same information you use to log into myBarnard and gBear).

Connecting to Barnard Secure

  • There is no specific configuration required to connect to Barnard Secure.
  • When connecting, you will be prompted (once) to accept a security certificate from
  • To configure Barnard Secure as your default wireless network:

Windows:  In the "Wireless Network Connection" properties, select Barnard Secure from the "Preferred networks" list and click the "Move up" button until Barnard Secure is the first preferred network in the list. 

Mac:  In "Network" preferences, click the "Advanced" button and drag "Barnard Secure" into the top position in the "Preferred Networks" list.