BCIT provides a secure means to connect to Barnard resources from outside of the workplace via a web portal, using your Barnard account credentials.  This service is called "WebVPN". 


What is WebVPN?

WebVPN gives users a secure link to access a particular network over the Internet. WebVPN is a combination of tunneling, encryption, authentication, access control and auditing technologies/services used to transport traffic securely over the Internet (or any other public network).


Why do I need WebVPN?

There are a number of reasons you may need to use WebVPN.  The most common reason is to access shared resources such as Datatel/Colleague, file shares, Columbia resources that are only accessible from campus, or unique software that is only installed locally on your office PC.  Using VPN provides with you an encrypted tunnel to these resources, securing your data from unauthorized use.


What do I need to get started?

First, open a request with the BCIT Service Desk to make sure your account and office computer are prepared for access.  To do so, log into Service-Now, click on "Request VPN Access", and fill out the form.


WebVPN is a web gateway; some services it provides only require you to use your web browser, but other services require the installation of software called "Pulse Secure".  When you log into WebVPN, you will be prompted if you need to install Pulse Secure, and you can install it via the WebVPN site.


Your home computer is required to have the latest OS security updates, anti-virus definitions, and the latest version of Java.  (If you are using a Barnard-owned computer with standard configurations to connect to WebVPN, these programs check for updates every time your PC restarts.)


Please click on the appropriate link below for specific instructions relating to your situation:


Connecting from a PC to your office PC

Connecting from a PC to your office Mac

Connecting from a Mac to your office PC

Connecting from a Mac to your office Mac

Connect using SSH


How do I work on files saved on my computer?

BCIT recommends using the Terminal Session to connect to your computer to work on any documents.  Please follow the directions above to connect to your office computer.


How do I work on files saved on the file share?

There are two ways to work on files saved to the N:\ drive:


1) Start a terminal session to your office computer as above, and work on the files as you would if you were at your desk.


2) Download the file to your home computer, and then re-upload the new version.  To do this, from the main WebVPN menu, you can click on the link for the N:\ drive and navigate to the file you want.  When you click on the file name, it will download the file to your computer. NOTE: There are security implications to saving files containing confidential information to a non-Barnard computer.  Please contact the BCIT Service Desk for consultation if you deal with confidential information and wish to work remotely.


How can I get support for WebVPN?

Contact the BCIT Service Desk.  (Please include any error message or screen shots in your ticket to assist with the troubleshooting process.)  Note that the Service Desk is only available during regular business hours.