Hardware Support Policy

Barnard-Owned Computers

BCIT will support Barnard-owned standard computers for four calendar years beyond the purchase date.  In this policy, BCIT defines a "standard computer" as a desktop or laptop computer for use by faculty and staff members for their day-to-day work.  BCIT applies the College's standardized software image to a range of standardized models and configurations which the College purchases from approved vendors.  BCIT recommends that departments and divisions plan to replace their computers prior to the conclusion of that fourth year.  BCIT is available to assist with identifying suitable replacement computers.  Departments and divisions are responsible for submitting their purchase requisitions to replace their computers.

BCIT will continue to support computers beyond four years of the purchase dates and will perform any necessary workarounds to ensure that the end user can continue to work. However, departments use these computers at their own risk and BCIT is not responsible for any loss of data due to hardware failure (e.g., hard drives, memory) or software issues (incompatibility with new software versions and requirements).  If a computer older than four years suffers an issue, then BCIT will request that the department replace it.

Non-Standard Computers
Barnard-owned computers that are not of a standard model or do not have the standard software image will not receive the same level of support.  If a member of the Barnard community chooses to purchase a machine of a different kind, it must be understood that support will be limited.  This policy is not meant to govern specialized computer equipment such as controllers for scientific equipment.  Faculty who are using such equipment should contact the Service Desk for consultation regarding their needs.

Faculty/Staff-Owned Computers

BCIT does not support computers owned by faculty and staff of the College beyond basic configuration for access to online services (Barnard College and Columbia University) and installation of approved software (see http://barnard.edu/bcit/software-and-applications/available-software#personal-software).


Student-Owned Computers

For information on what BCIT can do for student-owned computers, please visit the Student Computing Services page at http://barnard.edu/studentcomputing/help.