BCIT Remote Support Policy

Policy Effective Date
December 22, 2011

Policy Statement
Barnard College Information Technology (BCIT) maintains policies with regard to the use and security of its computer systems and electronic information resources. Barnard College (College) requires that all individuals using College-issued computers and accessing, using, or controlling College electronic information resources are expected to be familiar with and abide by the standards of acceptable use indicated within this policy. The College is not responsible for information or materials residing on non-College systems or available over publicly accessible networks, even if accessed via the College’s network. Such materials do not necessarily reflect the opinions, values, beliefs or attitudes of the College, its trustees, faculty, staff or students. The College reserves the right to amend this policy at its sole discretion.

Reason for the Policy
This policy states why the Service Desk will access a computer remotely and lists the benefits of providing this service.

Barnard College Information Technology is responsible for the maintenance of this policy, and for responding to questions regarding this policy.

Who is Governed by This Policy
This policy applies to all individuals who use College-owned computers. Those individuals covered include, but are not limited to, faculty, staff, those working on behalf of the College, and individuals authorized by affiliated institutions and organizations.

Privacy Expectations
BCIT technicians provide the same level of privacy, confidentiality, and discretion while performing a remote support session as when providing deskside support. BCIT technicians have the responsibility of ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the computers they are supporting. BCIT technicians are granted significant trust to use their privileges appropriately for the intended purpose of performing support and maintenance, including software installations. Any private information obtained in carrying out these duties is treated in the strictest confidence.

Terms and Conditions
The Service Desk will provide remote support only under these conditions:
1. If the user is at the computer, on the phone with the BCIT technician (technician).
2. In an emergency, such as a severely compromised computer causing issues on the network.  In such a case, the technician will remove the computer from the network and contact the user to schedule a replacement computer.

The Service Desk will log in remotely only from authenticated, single-account services, where any session can be traced to a particular technician.

Before Initiating A Login Session
The technician will notify the user in advance and explain to the user what is the purpose of the session.

After Closing A Login Session
The technician will review with the user what steps were taken and what changes were made.  The technician will update the Help Desk ticket with the same information.

BCIT will maintain and archive logs of remote access activities.  The BCIT Associate Director and the Director of User Services will review the logs bi-weekly.

Benefits of Remote Support
Remote support provides a means for the BCIT Service Desk (Service Desk) to:

  • Assist the user and resolve minor issues quickly, in real-time, often with minimal interruption to the user and eliminating the complication of arranging an appointment time.
  • Distribute software, security patches, and upgrades.
  • Assist in managing inventories of hardware and software.
  • Create management reports on software and hardware inventory.
  • Audit of remote access sessions.

Questions and Comments
Barnard College Information Technology
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