gBear Frequently Asked Questions

gBear FAQs

What is gBear?

gBear is the collection of Google Apps provided by Barnard College to its faculty, staff, and students.

Which Google Apps will we have in gBear?

Your gBear account includes Google Apps for Education Mail, Drive, Calendar, and Groups.

How do I log into my gBear account?

Visit and log in to your gBear account.

Is Google Chat enabled in gBear accounts?

All gBear accounts come with Chat enabled. Since people have different preferences regarding its use, you should check out the settings for Chat. Go to the "Settings" link at the top of your gBear Mail page, and then select "Chat."

What is the difference between gBear Mail and Gmail or gBear Calendar and Google Calendar?

gBear accounts are issued by Barnard College, not created by individual users as is the case for both Gmail and Google Calendar. gBear accounts are governed by the same policies that Barnard has regarding electronic communication for any accounts issued by the College, including Webmail and eBear.

If I’m having trouble with my gBear account, where can I find assistance?

For information on gBear account assistance, please review the following pages:

If you have additional questions,

gBear Mail

How much space do I have to store my emails?

Your gBear account has 30GB of storage.

Does Google place ads in the mail?

Advertisements and sponsored listings are turned off for current faculty, staff, and student gBear accounts.

Will Google search our email for marketing purposes?

No. The educational agreement between Barnard and Google prohibits that activity.

What if I already have a personal Google/Gmail account?

Your personal Google/Gmail account will remain separate from your gBear account. gBear is provided for Barnard's community and caters to specific educational needs.

Can I recover an email I accidentally deleted?

When you delete an email message or conversation, it is moved to your Trash folder and automatically deleted after 30 days. If items in the Trash remain for 30 days or are emptied, those items cannot be recovered. Google has more information on deleting & recovering messages.

How do I undo sending a message?

You must enable the lab feature, "Undo Send," in the Labs page under Settings. Once you've turned on this lab, you will see an “Undo” link on every sent e-mail confirmation. The undo link can be clicked for five seconds after you have clicked the send button. After clicking the link, the message will not send and the page will refresh back to compose. To avoid having to retract a sent message, we recommend always writing your body message first before entering the recipient's name(s).

Can I sort emails in other ways than by date?

There is no way to sort your mail other than by date. By default, the newest message appears on the top of your Inbox. gBear emphasizes its search feature, similar to Google search, to help you look for messages in any part of the e-mail body. Advanced search options help you find messages quickly. Additionally, you can use labels and filters to sort your mail as well as setting up a Priority Inbox.

How are messages filtered in gBear?

Using filters, you can manage the flow of incoming messages, including automatically label, archive, delete, star, or forward your mail, and keep certain messages out of the Spam folder.

Google automatically filters spam that you don't see in your gBear account. Messages that are flagged as spam are directed to the "Spam" folder in your account. You can view those messages and clear them or have Google clear them automatically after 30 days. See Google for more information.

How do I get rid of spam?

gBear's spam filters stops most junk e-mails from entering your inbox. If you do find unwanted spam mail, select the message(s) and click "Report Spam." The more mail you report, the quicker the system will recognize similar and repeat offenders.

Where do I go to set up my vacation message?

You will have to set up your vacation message in gBear, not in eBear. See instructions on setting up a vacation message for your gBear account.

How can I retain the formatting of my pasted text when I am cutting and pasting into a gBear email?

To avoid formatting errors when copying text from a Word doc, you must first paste it into Notepad/TextEdit, and then proceed to paste that text (from Notepad/TextEdit) into your gBear email composition. This removes excess formatting from Word.

Another method is to paste your text into "plain text" format in the composition box, and then change into "Rich formatting" for additional formatting options.

Is there a limit to how many messages I can send at one time?

Your sending limit differs if you are using gBear mail versus if you are using an email client. See information on sending limits.

gBear Calendar

What is the difference between gBear Calendar and Google Calendar?

gBear Calendar includes features for IT administrators that aren't available in Google Calendar, including the ability to set sharing options and create resources that users can incorporate into their calendars.

gBear Groups

How do I reqeust a gBear Group?

Requests for a gBear Group to use as a mailing list or alias should be submitted to the BCIT Service Desk, preferably using Service Now, or send email to  

Student clubs should contact the Office of Student Life to submit a request.

Does this replace the mass mailing feature in eBear?

No, eBear will continue to be used for standard mass mailings. Note that requests for mass mailings are not mediated by the Service Desk. For more information, see more detailed information about Mailing Lists.

gBear Privacy and Security

Is my data safe and secure in Google?

Your email is your data. Google doesn't own it--you do. All communication is encrypted whenever you use the web-based email and web-based calendar. If you sync your email or calendar with smart phones, that data may not be encrypted. All email is filtered for spam, viruses, and to prevent phishing attacks. Google will never sell your data, nor will you see ads in gBear (unlike your personal Gmail account.)

Barnard's Policy on Computer Use still applies, which states that under some conditions the College has the right to examine electronic information stored on or passing through Barnard's servers and networked resources, including your gBear account.

What is the risk that our data could be hacked, corrupted, or lost in the cloud?

There is always a risk that networked data can be hacked, corrupted or lost whether it is at Barnard or in the cloud (e. g., on the Internet at Google.) The technical experts at Barnard and at Google will work in close collaboration to minimize those risks.

What assurances do we have that Google will protect my online data such as information regarding research on human subjects?

Email from any provider has no guarantee of privacy and Google is no different. Security? Yes, but it depends on whether you handle your email in a secure manner. Google provides all of the options, but you (the user) have to employ best practices. This is true of any email system you use.

Where can I find more information about Google's privacy and security policies?

For more information on Google's privacy and security features, visit the following Security and Privacy Resources on Google: