gBear Groups FAQs for Everyone

What is gBear Groups?

gBear Groups is the application in Google Apps for Education that provides for the creation and management of mailing lists and email aliases. 

How do I request a gBear Group?

Mailing lists can be created for topics, departments, or groups of people with shared interests.  To request a gBear Group to use as a mailing list or alias, go to Service-Now, log in with your gBear credentials, and click the link for "gBear Group Request". Student clubs should contact the Office of Student Life to submit a request.

Does this replace the mass mailing feature in eBear?

No, it doesn’t. For mailing large, static populations, such as all staff, all faculty, or all students, you will still use the mass email function within eBear. Requests for access to this function must be approved by HR (for staff members) or the Provost’s Office (for faculty). Please contact the BCIT Service Desk for assistance with the process.

How do I access the website of a Group?

Messages are delivered to members Inboxes just like a traditional mailing list, but each Group also has a website. (Note that Groups websites are accessible only to those with gBear accounts, not to external members.) To access the website:

  1. Login to gBear
  2. Click [Groups] in the gBear Apps menu in the upper left
  3. Under My Groups are all the Groups you belong to.
  4. Click on the Group Name.

Why would I want to access the website of a Group?

  • To view Group messages (you can also view message using your email)
  • To post and reply to messages (you can also post and reply using your email)
  • To change the email delivery settings for your account
  • To unsubscribe
  • To send a message to the Group Owner/Manager

When I post to my Group, I don’t receive the message; what’s up?

Since the move to gBear, if you send a message to a list that you belong to, it will appear in your Sent Mail folder (like any email you send) but not in your Inbox. If you want a copy sent to your Inbox as well, just cc: or bcc: (blind copy) the message to yourself when you send it.