About Us

What is Being Barnard?

Being Barnard is the College’s ongoing sexual violence awareness initiative created with the input of students and staff. Through a comprehensive array of programs offered by Being Barnard staff and numerous campus partners, students can learn skills, engage in discussion, and gain insight & support in the following important social areas: wellness, relationships, intervention, social identities & social power, and violence education. For more information on each of these areas, please read below.


We’ve all been in situations where we have seen something or heard something that we knew just wasn’t right. But sometimes we don’t know how to intervene safely or effectively. These programs focus on building skills in bystander intervention, advocacy, and changing social norms so that you can help your community be a safer and healthier place.

Social Identities & Social Power

Every human being is made up of a complex set of identities: our gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, country of origin, and so much more. The ways in which these identities intersect affect how we are able to walk through the world. These programs focus on the intersections of identities and the personal and social ramifications of power, privilege, and oppression.

Violence Education

Violence can come in many forms - physical, emotional, or verbal. Whether it comes in the form of a microaggression, an unwanted touch, verbal or emotional threats, or physical assault, violence can have far reaching negative effects on our personal well being and the well being of our communities. These programs focus on recognizing and naming violence in all of its forms, learning the skills and resources to help survivors of violence, unpacking privileges that allow cycles of violence to continue, and advocating for a shift to a society where violence of any kind is no longer threatened or tolerated.


How do you foster and nurture your relationships with your friends, family, partners, and most importantly, with yourself? These programs focus on relationship building, communication, learning and setting personal boundaries, active and ongoing consent, conflict resolution, and so much more! We’re here to help you learn the tools to build and sustain positive, healthy relationships with yourself and others.


How do you take care of your whole self - mentally, physically, and emotionally? Being a student can sometimes be overwhelming and, often, self care is the first thing that falls by the wayside. These programs focus on tending to mental health, sexual health, nutrition, sleep, and even hobbies so that you can learn the skills to balance caring for academics with caring for yourself.

* Being Barnard is a constantly evolving initiative that seeks to grow and expand with the needs of our campus community. If you have suggestions for future programming or areas of focus, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your suggestions and comments to BeingBarnard@barnard.edu*