Suitable Suits

For students at a premier college in New York City, there are dozens of opportunities to attend conferences, interviews, and meetings that require formal attire. But as college students, a suit may not be a part of your wardrobe. So what can you do when that big interview arrives and you find yourself with nothing to wear? Borrow a suit from Barnard's Suitable Suits Closet! 

"Suitable Suits" has suits in a full range of petite and regular sizes from 00 to 22 . Students can choose from jackets, skirts, and pants. All of these quality suit pieces from Ann Taylor are made with the same black material to facilitate the mixing of different sizes and styles.

Students can try on the suits during daily open hours when a Beyond Barnard representative will be on duty.

Borrowing a Suit

How do I borrow a suit?

  • To request a suit rental, log into MillieCAREERS powered by Handshake. 
  • Click "Career Center" located on the top toolbar. 
  • Select "Request an Experience" on the Experience tab. 
  • Select "Experience Type." Choose "Suitable Suits Program." 
  • Complete the entire Suitable Suits Program form. 
  • Submit.

Suits will be lent out on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to complete the agreement to borrow a suit. 

Returning the Suit

Students may borrow a suit for a 7-day borrowing period. The date of return will be set when the student checks out the suit. The suit must be returned in the condition in which it was lent out, dry cleaned with a receipt.

Suitable Suits Hours

  • Academic Year:  Monday through Friday 9 AM - 5 PM