Tech Coding Bootcamp

Grace Hopper Program: Career Success Workshop

Date and Time: Friday, November 17, 2017, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: LL103 Diana -The Diana Center 

This workshop provides useful information on how to create a solid technical resume, Linked Profile and how to conduct a successful technical job search.

10- 11 am: Resume workshop

  • Topics include:
    • How long a resume should be
    • What information should you include
    • How you should structure that information
    • How you should format that information
    • Discussion of what hiring managers look for in a candidate
    • Examples of good resumes vs. ones that need work

11-12: LinkedIn workshop

  • Topics include
    • Why a personal brand is important
    • Why LinkedIn is a useful tool
    •  What information goes on LinkedIn
    • How to format the information for LinkedIn users
    • How much detail to go into
    • How to create a narrative that explains your past experience and future career goals
    • How to feature your projects
    • How to add your skills
    • How to endorse your colleagues’ skills
    • You can watch a past lecture here.

12-1 pm: Lunch

1-2 pm: Breakout work session

  • Students take time to work on their LinkedIn profiles and resumes  
  • Students can pair with each other to offer feedback
  • Instructors available to answer questions

2-3 pm: Starting your job search workshop

  • Topics include
    • Identifying the goals for your job search
    • Identifying what you want to get out of your next job
    • How to research companies and identify your targets
    • How to network at events
    • How to make contact with companies and start the application process

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