Information Sessions

Employers often come to Barnard's campus to promote their company to our students.  These general information sessions offer more information than you will gain from just researching a company website such as insight into the company culture.  These sessions are a great way for you to network with employees (possibly alumni), personalize your connection with the employer, and gauge your interest in the company.  Business attire is recommended for these events.  A student, who makes a great impression and may not be typically considered through the traditional online application, may get a chance at an interview.  Oftentimes these companies will have a position posted in Barnard NACElink and recruiting sessions are open to everyone!   Information sessions can be viewed on the Barnard NACElink in the events calendar. 

How can I prepare for an Employer Information Session?

While you are attending these sessions to learn about the companies and industries, some general research in advance will serve you well.  You will want to know about the industry and the company so that you can:

  • Fully demonstrate your enthusiasm for the career field and organization
  • Communicate how your skills and values match those of the organization and industry
  • Determine if a position at the company will aid you in your future career path
  • Be prepared by having intelligent questions relevant to the field and organization
  • Understand more of what is being shared at the informatio session

The most important thing to prepare is your self introduction. To avoid being tongue-tied when you try to start a conversation with someone you don't know, prepare a self-introduction, or your pitch.  This should be clear, interesting, and well delivered. What you say about yourself will depend on the nature of the event, but in any case, it shouldn't take longer than 8-10 seconds. Although practicing your introduction might at first seem silly, it will eventually help you make an introduction that sounds natural, confident, and smooth.

In addtion, you may want to consider bringing these materials with you:

  • Pen and paper/ note pad
  • Copies of your resume
  • Business card holder/ folder for business cards

What are the benefits of attending an Employer Information Session?

Not nearly enough students take advantage of these recruiting sessions despite the tremendous benefits they offer.  Students are benefited by:

  • Gaining expert insight about the career opportunities available to you
  • Finding out what it’s really like to work in a particular position, company or field
  • Learning up to date information about the organization and the industry
  • Discovering what it takes to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Being able to evaluate potential job offers
  • Showcasing your interest in the company
  • Practicing networking with potential employers and alumni
  • Meeting key people in the organization who can significantly influence your candidacy
  • Developing an understanding of the skills, knowledge, and experience employers want to see in candidates

How do I follow-up after an Employer Information Session?

Within 24 hours, send an email or note thanking the employers for coming to campus.  You can use this thank you as a means to ask an additional question or even ask about recruiting times.

What if I can’t attend?

We recommend that you make every effort to attend these sessions!