Recruitment Policies for Barnard Students



Interview Attire

All students are expected to err on the conservative side and dress in professional business attire for all on-campus interviews. The only exception to this is if the employer has communicated alternative dress/attire requirements to students prior to the interview.

PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ATTIRE entails a formal business suit (skirt/pantsuit or jacket and dress).  Please ask BCD staff about our Suitable Suits Program if you need an appropriate business suit for an interview.

Cancellation/No Show Policy*

General Policy

Barnard Career Development requires that all students participate in On-Campus Recruitment cancel interviews in advance if they cannot keep a confirmed interview. When you fail to cancel your interviews in a timely fashion or do not appear for your appointments, your actions reflect poorly on you as an individual, on your peers, on Career Development and on Barnard as a whole. Not only do you inconvenience the employer, but you may also deprive another student of a valuable interview opportunity. These situations may have more serious implications on Barnard's relationships with employers.  Therefore, Barnard Career Development treats these incidents very seriously and advises you to take special note of and bide by the following Cancellation and No Show Policy requirements:

How to Cancel an Interview

You must cancel interviews at least 2 business days before the scheduled interview date to avoid a penalty.

To cancel an interview: Login to Barnard MillieCAREERS.  Click the drop down menu on your name and select Notifications. Choose Interviews on the left and cancel your select interview. 

Note: You will only be able to cancel online before 11:59 pm through the stated Sign-Up End Date noted under Schedule Details in the job description. The Sign-Up End Date varies by employer -- typically from 2-4 days before the interview date -- so pay close attention! If you do not see the Cancel Interview button, then you've missed the online cancellation deadline and must contact the Career Development Office directly.

If you miss the online cancellation deadline, you are expected to contact Career Development at 212-854-2033 or 2 business days before the scheduled interview date. Provide complete details in your communication name, student ID, company name, date/time of interview, position number/title.

No-show policy

Failure to attend a scheduled interview or to cancel within the outlined cancellation policy parameters will result in suspension of interviewing privileges, including removal from all scheduled OCR interviews. If you are deemed a "no show", will result in the following:

Second Round Interview Policy

Employers are asked to provide students with 48 hour notice prior to the second interview. This provides students sufficient time to arrange their schedules to make themselves available for the second round interviewing opportunity.

If a student is already scheduled to interview with another employer or has an exam or important personal commitment and this causes a conflict we ask employers to demonstrate reasonable flexibility by providing the student with alternative dates and times for the second round interview.

Accepting a Full Time or Internship Job Offer

Students should carefully consider any job offer they receive. In order to provide students with enough time to complete their employment search and make an informed decision, employers participating in our On-Campus Recruiting program have agreed to comply with the acceptance deadlines.

You do not need to accept an offer immediately. It is standard practice to say thank you and let the recruiter or hiring manager know that you will get back to them with your decision. Students should wait to receive a written offer before formally accepting any job offer; companies consider a verbal acceptance as a formal offer acceptance.

You should not hold on to multiple offers for an extended period of time. Make decisions as quickly as possible and communicate with recruiters regarding the status of your decision.

Once you have accepted an offer of employment you have made a commitment to that position and company. Any student who withdraws acceptance of (i.e. reneges) an offer obtained through MillieCAREERS and/or the On-Campus Recruiting program will be subject to immediate consequences, which may include suspension of recruiting privileges.

Once you have accepted an offer you must remove yourself from any other interview processes you have started. Contact career development immediately at 212-854-2033 or if you need assistance cancelling interviews scheduled through career development.

Consider all options available to you; meet with a career development counselor or Employer Relations team member if you have any questions or concerns.

Job Offer Policies

OCR is designed to give Barnard College students appropriate time to interview with various employers and make an informed decision about their chosen professional careers.  Therefore, BCD on behalf of our students asks employers to abide by the following deadlines for the 2014-2014 recruitment programs:

• For full-time offers extended to previous summer interns, students have until October 30, 2015 to make a decision. 

• Students interviewed for full-time positions have until November 13, 2015 to make a decision. 

• For internship offers extended to previous summer interns, students have until February 26, 2016 to make a decision. 

• Students interviewed for summer internships have until March 4, 2016 to make a decision.

  • Students will have two weeks from the date an offer is extended to make a decision or until the identified deadlines indicated above, whichever is later.
  • The decision timeline begins at the receipt of a letter offer for employment to the student.
  • Exploding offers and special incentives such as diminishing bonuses and location preference are not tolerated.  Sign on bonuses should be honored when the student accepts the offer within the agreed upon time frame.
  • Opportunities identified through student clubs, publications, or other entities on campus are subject to the above guidelines and policies.
  • We ask the employers refrain from pressuring students on acceptances and understand the importance of letting candidates make an informed decision.

eResume Book Participation Policy

Permission to Release Student Information

eResume Books are another job search tool that enables students who are actively seeking employment opportunities(internships, full/part-time job opportunities, volunteer positions) to circulate their resumes to potential employers. By including your resume in an eResume Book, you are giving Barnard Career Development permission to release your resume and contact information to interested employers.  Employers will view your resume and contact you directly about jobs openings, information sessions, interviews, and more.

Please see the eResume Book section under the “Students/On-Campus Recruitment” area of the Barnard Career Development website to learn more about the eResume Books.

Fraudulent Jobs & Employers Policy (for Students)

Barnard Career Development makes every effort to review and clear employers and positions posted through our office for students.  Barnard Career Development recognizes this as a shared commitment between students, employers and our office.

Barnard Career Development does not endorse any employer and urges students/alumnae to use good judgment in all of their interactions with employers. Barnard Career Development suggests that students/alumnae request business references for unknown organizations before interviewing with them off campus. Barnard Career Development advises students/alumnae to interview in public places only. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the validity of an employer’s job posting, interview practices, or any other interaction you may have with an employer please contact Barnard Career Development at (212) 854-2033 and

If you are actively seeking employment, remain vigilant against many forms of employment scams.

Click here for tips from The Better Business Bureau on how to avoid employment scams and protect yourself from fraudulent job postings or staffing agencies.

Typically, you can identify an employment scam because:

  • You are asked to give your credit card or bank account numbers, or copies of personal documents - but you no written communication.
  • You are asked to send payment by wire service or courier.
  • You are offered a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account - often for depositing checks or transferring money.
  • You receive an unexpectedly large check.

Once an employer is identified as potentially fraudulent, the Career Development will forward the employer’s information to Public Safety and the General Counsel Office at Barnard College to further investigate the matter and determine what additional action is deemed necessary and appropriate to pursue.

Complaint Procedures

Students who believe an employer has misrepresented him/herself or his/her company or has not conformed to Barnard Career Development policies should contact our office immediately at 212-854-2033 or