Application Process

Welcome to the Health Professional Schools Application Process!

The Health Professions Advising team looks forward to working with you as you take part in the application process to health professional programs. Our team supports each and every Barnard student and alumna who is seeking admission to a health professional program. In the "Application Process" section of our website, you will find important information that will be helpful to you as you complete the steps of your application. See the pages below as a first step to learning more about the process: 
Important Notes about the Application Process
  • Calling All Cycle 2019 Applicants! Cycle 2019 officially opened on October 25, 2018. 

  • Pay particularly close attention to the timeline to ensure that you are on track to complete your application(s).

  • Throughout the application process, our online system Inspire (formerly known as AdviseStream) will be your main source of information and method to request both your individual Letters of Recommendation and the Committee Letter of Evaluation. Our entire application process is managed through Inspire, and this requires you to have an active account. Click here to learn more about creating an account and using Inspire.

  • The application process involves many steps, among which include:

    • Attending our Application Year Overview Sessions (Part I, Fall; Part II, Spring) 

    • Completing the Request for a Committee Letter of Evaluation

    • Submitting a Committee Letter of Evaluation Portfolio

    • Participating in a Committee Letter Interview 

    • Requesting and collecting individual Letters of Recommendation

    • Completing and submitting all necessary application materials to the central application services system(s).

If you have not yet subscribed to our blog, please sign up now. If at any time throughout this process you have questions, feel free to contact our office at or (212) 854-2033.
We look forward to supporting you through the application process!