Our health professions advising team is here to support students and alumnae through all stages of the application process. If you previously participating in the application process yet you did not yield the results you had hoped for and are considering re-application, we strongly encourage you to contact us by early winter to discuss the re-application process.

Requesting an Updated Committee Letter of Evaluation

Re-applicants will need to request a new Committee Letter of Evaluation by February 1st and submit all updated materials by June 1st in the year in which they plan to re-apply. 

Important Note: In an effort to provide our students with the greatest level of support, any re-applicant that participated in the Committee Letter of Evaluation process three or more years ago will need to re-initiate the Committee Letter of Evaluation process. This process begins in the Fall proceeding your application to medical or dental school (e.g. Cycle 2019 begins in October 2018). Please contact us at for more information.

While some of the process will be streamlined given that you have already applied to medical or dental programs, there are a number of steps you will need to take in order to request an updated Committee Letter of Evaluation. These include:

  1. Schedule an advising appointment with Dr. Dye to discuss the re-applicant process.
  2. Request a Committee Letter of Evaluation through Inspire , formerly known as AdviseStream, and provide the necessary updates, which include essays, an updated resume, a new personal statement, and transcript(s). 
  3. If applicable, request an additional Letters of Recommendation using Inspire to request, track and confirm receipt of the letter. The process for requesting letters of recommendation is the same for re-applicants as it is for first-time applicants. Click here to learn more about requesting, tracking and confirming individual letters of recommendation.

Note: If you have any previous letter(s) of recommendation on file, please email us at with the recommender's name, so that we can upload the letter(s) into Inspire

Should you have any questions throughout this process, feel free to contact us at or (212) 854-2033.