What is Inspire?

Health Professions Advising Team at Barnard College requires all students interested in health professional schools to utilize the innovative processes, tools, and content in Inspire (formerly known as AdviseStream. This developmental advising system has many features that will aid you throughout your undergraduate years and beyond as you explore, plan and apply to health professional schools. Some of Inspire's features include:
  • Utilize planners to manage the 18-month application process. Prepare and organize your primary application before services open.
  • Request and manage individual Letters of Recommendation.
  • Participate in the Committee Letter of Evaluation application process to receive a Committee Letter to be sent to central application service(s).

Why use Inspire? 

Here’s what students are saying:

  • "My favorite part of the program is its organization and understanding of everything premed."
  • "Having everything laid out step-by-step helps the process feel more manageable and less overwhelming."
  • "I saw not only the details of my application, but the bigger picture in terms of themes and strengths."