Required Forms & Drop-In Hours

Drop-In Hours

Drop-in hours to consult about paperwork are from 12-1PM every day at Beyond Barnard (Elliott Hall, Second Floor). Please email us at if no day between the hours of 12-1PM works for you.

Required Forms

There are 3 forms that are necessary for students to complete in order to start employment with Barnard: the I-9, the W-4, and the WTPA forms. These forms should be completed at home and then emailed or dropped off to Beyond Barnard. See below for the directions:

  1. Download the forms you need to complete or update.
  2. Fill them out and save to your computer.
  3. Sign them! A typed signature is not allowed. You can print, sign, and either take a picture or scan your form if you'd like to submit it via email.
    • If you only have a W-4 or WTPA form to update, you can email your signed forms to
    • If you need to turn in your I-9 form, please print it and bring your form to Beyond Barnard (Elliott Hall) during Drop-In Hours. Be sure to bring along acceptable ID for your I-9.

I-9 Form

The I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification form) only needs to be completed the first time a student works at Barnard through Beyond Barnard.

If you are a first time employee of Barnard College you need to bring acceptable ID to fill out your I-9. You are not allowed to work until you have completed your employment forms, so if you are unable to stop in during Drop-In Hours, please call (212) 853-0770 to make an appointment.

W-4 Form

Students must complete a W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate form) the first time they are employed on Barnard's campus. If they claim exempt, they must update their W-4 every calendar year. If you are a Nonresident Alien, please review these supplemental instructions to assist you in completing your W-4.


The WTPA (NY State Pay Rate form) must be completed each calendar year.  There is a different WTPA form for hourly and stipend positions.

Direct Deposit Form 

If you'd like to receive your paycheck easily and immediately, you can opt to be paid via direct deposit. Your paycheck will be automatically deposited directly into a checking/savings account or onto a ready-to-use debit card. Fill out the form here, and then print it and drop it off at our office with any required attachments.

Special Forms

If you are a Columbia University student employed by Barnard College, or if you are an international student (both F-1 and J-1 visas), there are additional forms that may be required.

Columbia Students

If you are a student at Columbia University but have been hired by an employer at Barnard College, you must fill out a Columbia Hire Request Form.

International Students

Visiting international students on J-1 visas are eligible to work as a student employee in an on-campus job for up to 15 hours (either Barnard and/or Columbia campuses), as long as they are in good academic standing. Students may be eligible to work off-campus through "Academic Training", a benefit of the J-1 visa, but they must first discuss this with the International Student Services Office in Milbank 10.

If you are an international student on an F-1 or J-1 visa, you will need to fill out a Social Security Verification Form. Additionally, if you have not previously logged on to BarnardWorks, you should fill out this form so we can create an account for you. 

Statement of Confidentiality

Barnard College Employers strongly encouraged to require their student employees to sign Statements of Confidentiality. The Barnard approved Statement of Confidentiality form found here has been approved by the Beyond Barnard office and Barnard General Counsel, and protects the College from breaches in confidentiality regarding technology, intellectual property and the privacy and rights of students, staff and faculty. 

Paid Family Leave Waiver

New York State Paid Family Leave (PFL) went into effect on January 1, 2018. PFL is a state-mandated program that provides employees with partially paid, job-protected leave in certain circumstances. The New York PFL benefit is funded through minimal deductions from employee paychecks. By statute, the weekly contribution rate is 0.126% of an employee’s weekly wage. This maximum contribution is $1.65 per week per employee.

You may be eligible to waive the PFL benefit and the payroll deductions. If your regular schedule is less than 26 consecutive weeks (6 months) or 175 days in a period of 52 consecutive weeks, you can simply complete the PFL-Waiver Form. If you wish to waive PFL benefit, please print and complete the PFL-Waiver Form, and either email the form to or fax the form to 212.280.8766. 

Download the PFL-Waiver Form here. For more information on PFL, go to the New York State Paid Family Leave website.