Tow Foundation Special Professional Opportunities Fund


Please Note:  Funds are on a first-come, first-served application consideration basis. 

The purpose of the Tow Special Professional Opportunities Fund Program supports Barnard College students who are selected to attend or present at professional conferences, with particular emphasis on conferences related to major concentrations and/or chosen paths. 

Funding Policies

Tow Special Professional Opportunities applications and all required application materials are due in Beyond Barnard 30 days prior to the conference start date. 


All Barnard College students, except students who are currently or were previously recipients of Tow Special Professional Opportunities Funds, are eligible to apply for these grants. 

Selection Criteria

To be considered for a Tow Special Professional Opportunities Grant, students will be required to submit:

1. The Tow Special Professional Opportunities Fund application (with a budget of anticipated expenses) 
2. A letter of support from faculty, instructors or major adviser
3. All receipts within 72 hours of completion of the conference schedule  

Students should submit a completed application, along with a copy of their résumé. Applications should be submitted at least 30 calendar days prior to any event registration deadlines.  

Grant Amounts

The amount of the grant awards will vary depending on each student’s request and the funding available. Students attending a conference are eligible to be considered for awards up to $250. Students presenting at a conference are eligible to to be considered for awards up to $500. Special review and consideration of award funds will be granted to students who demonstrate as high need through Barnard College Financial Aid.

Grantees will receive checks within 30 days of submission of Tow application with anticipated budget of expenses and faculty, instructor or major advisor letter of support (see Selection Criteria above). 

Application Instructions

Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year will open in September 2019. Students should submit a completed application, along with a copy of their résumé and a letter of support from a Barnard College faculty member expressing how the conference ties to the student's studies or career aspirations. 

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Students will be notified of grant decisions via e-mail within 10 business days of submission of all required materials. 

Grantee Requirements

Grantees are expected to fulfill a number of requirements, including:

  1. Preparing “thank you” notes for the grant donors
  2. Completing an online evaluation form


Please e-mail or call the Beyond Barnard office at 212-854-2033 with any questions regarding the Tow Special Professional Opportunities Fund.