Additional Funding Resources at Barnard and Columbia

This section provides information regarding other internship funding resources available to Barnard students at Barnard College and Columbia University.

Please note that in addition to the resources listed in this section, Barnard College’s Dean of Studies Office is an excellent resource for students interested in learning more about fellowships and scholarships.  The Dean of Studies office has compiled a selected list of scholarships and fellowships available to Barnard students available here.  Please contact Dean James Runsdorf at the Dean of Studies office with any questions regarding scholarships or fellowships.

Additional Funding Resources at Barnard

Fellowships at the Athena Center

The Athena Center for Leadership Studies offers a variety of summer fellowships for both Athena Scholars and Barnard students, including the Athena Summer Fellowship Program, the Pathway to Non-Profit Leadership Summer Fellowship, and the Williams Program for Women in Politics.  Visit the Athena Center's website for more information on available fellowships.  Please contact the Athena Center for more information or questions.   

Research Grants and Summer Stipends at the Department of Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences offers several grants to Barnard students conducting summer biological research, including the Merck Research Fellowship and the Maura Shannon Barrett Internship Fund.  Please visit the Department of Biological Sciences' website for more information.

Summer Research Grants at the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry provides several grants to students conducting summer research with Barnard faculty.  Please visit the Department of Chemistry's website for more information on these research grants.

Funding Resources at Columbia University

Tamer Center for Social Enterprise: Summer Undergraduate Fellowship

The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise supports the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship Program, a unique and exciting opportunity for students to apply what they’re learning in the classroom with an organization making social change in the world. This fellowship provides financial support to Columbia and Barnard undergraduate and graduate students engaged in summer internships that create social and environmental value. Students must secure a summer internship that has a social impact - at a non-profit or for-profit social venture or another social-entrepreneurship focused organization. Stipends range from $200-$600 per week and include training and networking with other undergraduate and graduate students.

Community Impact Van Amson Service Fellowship

Columbia and Barnard undergraduates who have secured unpaid summer service or non-for-profit internships in NYC, or are interested in an internship at Community Impact, can apply for the Van Amson Service Fellowship, formerly known as the Community Impact Fellowship.  All fellows receive sponsored housing and a $3000 stipend which are provided through Community Impact.  The application is typically due in mid-spring each year.

Weatherhead Undergraduate Training Grant

This grant provides up to $2,500 in support to undergraduate students at Columbia and Barnard for summer projects in East Asia that develop academic and/or professional expertise.  Examples of eligible projects include research or a secured, uncompensated internship.  Projects involving a single East Asian country are eligible, and priority will be given to projects that cross traditional disciplinary, geographic, or temporal boundaries, as well as to applicants with a commitment to make East Asia a part of their long-term careers.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) at Columbia University

The Department of Biological Sciences at Columbia University offers Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships to a select group of motivated undergraduate students who will benefit from the opportunity for hands-on biology related laboratory research.  Current first-year, sophomore, or junior Barnard College students are eligible to apply.  SURF participants receive a stipend of $4000. Please click here for more information.

Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)

SIPA has compiled an "External Grants and Fellowships" database as well as a listing of other available funding resources at Columbia University.