Barnard helped you find your path.
Now it's your turn.

Barnard alumnae are part of a family that spans across generations and the globe. As an alumna, you helped to forge a legacy that our current students are working hard to continue. NYCCEP offers lots of ways for you to get involved and influence the next generation of Barnard women.

We also know that your Barnard experience doesn't end on graduation day. Whether you are fresh out of college or have been an alumna for a long time, the New York City Civic Engagement Program is still here for you and can offer many professional resources.

Getting Involved with NYCCEP

  • Become a speaker. We love to bring alumnae back to speak to current students about their professional paths within community-oriented work. It's incredibly fulfilling to connect with the next generation of our leaders and help them learn from your experience.
  • Recruit Barnard students. Being part of the Barnard family, you know our students are the best, brightest, and most passionate you'll find. If you have job, internship, or volunteer opportunities, we can help you find the right students!
  • Offer service opportunities. NYCCEP hosts volunteer opportunities throughout the year. We are always happy to partner with new community-based organizations in New York City to send Barnard students as volunteers.
  • Become a mentor. While we don't have a formal mentoring program within NYCCEP, we are always looking to match students with alumnae who are engaged in social impact work. Whether it's a Skype meeting, a chat on the phone, or an informational interview over coffee, we can find an arrangement that will work with your busy schedule and be mutually beneficial.

Whatever commitment you're able to make, we can find an opportunity for you. Reach out directly to Adeline Medeiros, Associate Director of Civic Engagement, at or 212-853-0770 to talk it through and find the right opportunity. 

Resources for Alumnae

  • Job Hunting: For the civically-engaged professional, two of the best job search sites include and However, if you work outside of the public sector and are looking to integrate community work into your career, there are lots of creative ways to do so. NYCCEP staff is happy to talk you through some of your options and can help you figure out what civic engagement looks like in the private sector. Give us a call at 212-853-0770 or email to have a conversation about different paths.
  • Additional Resources: We are in the process of curating many new resources specifically geared towards alumnae. You can also check out the Beyond Barnard Alumnae page for even more information!