Partnering with NYCCEP

NYCCEP’s primary objectives include a commitment to incorporating aspects of civic engagement into the curriculum through building partnerships with various faculty, raising the profile of courses already including internships or service opportunities, and looking to support faculty in new ways of designing syllabi. This is an open, creative process, and we'd love to work with you to see how NYCCEP can support what you're already doing.

Resources and Services for Faculty Members

NYCCEP staff members are available to work with faculty members to incorporate civic engagement into their course syllabi and to develop internship or service components in Barnard’s courses.  We are able to work with faculty members to arrange any of the following forms of participation, and are always open to exploring new avenues of partnership.

  • On-site visits and/or speakers for relevant class sessions
  • As a resource for readings and suggested assignments
  • As a resource for students in their searches for civic engagement-related internships and community service opportunities
  • As a resource for faculty to assist with in-class experiential activities geared toward the development of specific skill sets

Get in touch with us if you're interested in partnering or have a question about resources.

Adeline Medeiros
Associate Director of Civic Engagement
212.853.0770  |  AdelineMedeiros@barnard.edu