You're bold. You're intelligent.
You bring passion and dedication to everything you do.
You're a Barnard College student.


Education doesn't happen in the classroom alone. You've got to get out beyond the gates of campus to really see what New York City is  about and to figure out what sort of impact you hope to make on this world. NYCCEP is here to help!

During your 4 years at Barnard (and beyond as an alumna!), we will provide you with tons of opportunities to get involved in service and find your pathway professionally.

Professional Development

NYCCEP is part of Beyond Barnard, meaning that you have the best of both worlds: social justice and service opportunities, along with the training and resources you need to secure an internship and make a long-term career out of this work. Maybe you've already begun to build your own non-profit. Maybe you know for sure that the public sector is not for you. Wherever you're at in your career exploration, NYCCEP can help you figure out how to integrate civic engagement into your professional life. And that means that you're going to love going to work every day!

Opportunities to Lead and Serve

NYCCEP offers a wide range of programming - from direct service opportunities, to training in civic engagement skills, to mentoring and networking with alumnae, to career development with a social impact focus. Check out our programs to learn more and find out how to get involved.

Ongoing Assistance and Resources

Your chance to be engaged in the social good sphere at Barnard doesn't end on graduation day! NYCCEP can help you stay involved as an alumna, and we have a number of professional resources we can help you connect to.


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