BSAC Members

The current BSAC members are:

Christine Shin, Co-Chair
Senior Associate Director, Career Development

Dawn Williams, Co-Chair
Senior Associate Director, Development

Alli Cooke, External Communications Secretary
Media Relations Manager, Communications

Nanette DiLauro, Treasurer
Director, Financial Aid

Mike Malena, Recording Secretary
HRIS Analyst, HR

Michelle Avelar
Department Assistant, Office of General Counsel

Mary Champion
Administrative Asst., Dean of Studies

Amanda Gates-Elston
Associate Director, Events Mgmt.

Alexcia Gayle
Employee & Labor Relations Director, HR

Ruth Khaleel
Department Administrator, BCIT

Juan Ramos
Security Guard, Public Safety

Virginia Ryan
Assistant General Counsel

Julia Wang
Director, Campus Services

Ingrid Wiltshire
Custodian, Facilities/Building Services






BSAC would like to thank the members of the Steering Committee for their foundational work: Michelle Avelar, Lisa Buonaiuto, Mary Champion, Kevin Collymore, Alli Cooke, Carolyn Corbran, Nanette DiLauro, Amanda Gates-Elston, Alexcia Gayle, Matt Hamilton, Ruth Khaleel, Karen Lynch, Mike Malena, Rodolfo Nunez, Di Ann Pierce, Juan Ramos, Virginia Ryan, Christine Shin, Julia Wang, Dawn Williams, and Ingrid Wiltshire.