Planning Payment

As you consider course options, you will also need to consider the issue of financing a Barnard education. We know that you want the very best, and we would like to help you consider the options. A summary of annual fees as well as alternative payment and federal loan options offered by Barnard are available.

In planning your budget, please note:

  • All First Year students living in campus housing are required to enroll in a Barnard Platinum Meal Plan (19 meals per week).  No other dining option meets the meal plan requirement for first year students.
  • Transfer & Visiting students residing in the Barnard Quad (Brooks, Hewitt, Reid, and Sulzberger Hall floors 2-8), are required to enroll in a Barnard Upper Class meal plan (150 Meals per semester + 430 Points) at a minimum.  No other dining option meets the minimum meal plan requirement for upper class students living in the Quad.
  • All students who reside outside the Barnard Quad or who commute, are required to enroll in a Barnard Convenience meal plan (choice of "30 Meals per semester + 150 Points," "30 Meals per semester + No Points," "15 Meals per semester + 150 Points," or "300 Points Only" as a minimum).  No other dining option meets the minimum meal plan requirement for commuters or residents residing outside the Barnard Quad.

These requirements are outlined in "Terms and Conditions of Residence Hall Living."  Please note that Dining Dollars alone are not considered a meal plan.

In order that students avoid a progressive late payment fee, invoices for the fall term are available in early July online in the Student Account Center (SAC) at for resolution by August 1.  Invoices for the spring semester are available online in early November for payment by December 1.  Late fees begin at $75; there is no grace period.

If you prefer not to pay fall tuition and fee charges in full by the semester deadlines of  August 1 (fall semester) and December 1 (spring semester), the Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Payment Plan at may offer you a realistic and attractive alternative.  Please apply before the deadline to avoid Barnard's escalating late payment fees.  (Although the fall semester 5-month TMS Plan begins on July 1, you may join later by making all past due payments.  A five month plan for spring begins on December 1.  Note that late fees will be assessed after these deadlines.)

If you are interested in applying for a Federal Direct Stafford Student Loan or a Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) loan, you may obtain information and applications from Barnard’s Office of Financial Aid.